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About Bill

​I am a full time lawyer, and a part-time photographer. My photographic journey began with a passion to capture memories and emotions through the lens. This takes a number of forms from landscape photography to sports and events to portraiture.

About Andre

I am a full time Records Manager and part-time photographer. I first developed my passion for photography as a college student attending the State University of New York at Stony Brook. I have a unique ability for capturing exciting action shots in sports. While capturing great action shots in sports is my specialty, I have the same enthusiasm and skill set for other types of photography as well as digital artwork. Whether it is family portraits, graduations or special events, I love to capture images that evoke emotion and beauty. I look forward to capturing your special moments and memories!



About Visual Dream Photography, LLC

In the DC metro area, there are an infinite number of possibilities. We are available to shoot on location or in our full professional studio. Regardless of the backdrop where we shoot, you will find our passion for photography will capture your memories so that you can cherish them day after day!